Writing history – a Fashion Revolution declaration from Gnana Studio

          We live in a fast-paced rhythm, but as deeply captured we are by it, as difficult it is to notice the chaos around us. Though, the fastest way to do things is not usually the most environmental friendly and, nonetheless, ethical. You enter a store, look around and choose whatever attracts you, without passing it through the cognitive system. Have you ever wondered where does the material come from, what chemicals contributed to its beautiful, eye-pleasing colours, who is the person who sew it? Often, the answer to these questions is neglected by the avid consumers of clothing and accessories. Hence, it is our duty to be pro-active and contributed to the oh, so needed change.

           And so was born the Fashion Revolution movement, by noticing the harm that has been done to the world around us and trying to make things better. Gnana Studio is happy to join this act of solidarity and be united for a cause which our brand is fighting for through all of its values.

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            All our products are crafted locally or in our atelier based in Bucharest. With a transparent process of manufacture in concordance with the environmental law, we offer safe and fair working conditions, banning forced or child labour and discrimination. We believe in zero-waste, so the leftover materials are selected and sent to a recycling company. We collaborate with artisans from the beautiful countryside of Romania for our embroideries, prints and hand pleating.

            As you may probably know, the Gnana clothing garments are totally cruelty-free and have high standards of quality, materials and execution. Many of our materials are recycled or come from local manufacturing partners. Thus, the working process is treated with care. The Cotton Gauzes are locally woven with the newest Air Soft Technology. At the confluence between hand-made and industrial, Air Soft Technology is an unconventional modern approach to our ancestors’ home-weaved fabrics, keeping the natural properties of the fibres and avoiding any unnatural strains or invasive chemical treatments used in the classic industrial technology.

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          These were just a few words that describe our working process. Stay close in order to discover more and join us as we write a chapter of the Fashion Revolution history, alongside many other talented, passionate people. We promise to do our best, work hard and never give up, all in the name of equality, natural beauty and good emotions.