What We Do

Our Mission is focused in manufacturing ethical and slow fashion garments from recycled, up-cycled and locally woven materials.

We pledge to create versatile, comfortable and functional pieces with a reduced environmental  cost of production.

Manufacture Process

With special care for a transparent manufacture process, use of design and high quality eco-friendly natural fabrics, each one of our product is not only fair and sustainable but also tells our passionate story.

Furthermore, we only work with small ateliers, local suppliers and crafters, sustaining our community and limiting the carbon print, waste and water management on operations.

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Ethically made

Slow Fashion

We collaborate with artisans from the beautiful countryside of Romania for our embroideries, prints and hand pleating.

Embroidery is timeless and represents an important part of Romanian traditional culture, a symbol of the daily life.

Made entirely in eco-friendly threads, our handmade embroideries are carring a real message about their wearer.

The concentration of expression, the elegancy and the chromatic subtlety, aligns the embroidery with painting and miniature, some of the major arts.

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All our fabrics are natural and cruelty free. We do not use microfibre or any material of animal origin, be it leather, suede or fur.

Most of our fabrics are locally woven or recycled from dead stocks.

Our Cotton gauzes come from a local supplier, a family business who developed a new Romanian authentic technology. At the confluence between hand-made and industrial, Air Soft Technology is an unconventional modern approach to our ancestors’ home-weaved fabrics, keeping the natural properties of the fibres and avoiding any unnatural strains or invasive chemical treatments used in the classic industrial technology.

Therefore, unique properties were developed for this all-in-one fabrics:

  • non-allergic
  • aerated, breathable
  • easy care, don’t require ironing
  • long lasting fresh colour
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