Where We Are

Gnana Studio is based between Paris and Bucharest. We live, love and create in Paris while producing in Bucharest.

Our studio is placed in one of the most creative areas in the heart of Bucharest. 

Situated between maker spaces, cultural hubs and the only material library in the East of Europe, our atelier and showroom is our perfect place to get inspired, design and elaborate our collections.

A rich environment always let it’s print over ones mind and behaviour and influences the creative act.

We imagined our atelier according to our values and created a bright, open space fully equipped with all the necessary tools to elaborate a final Gnana piece.

Built with our own hands and with the help of family and friends, this is where we imagine the first steps of your favourite piece.

You can also find us here:

On the Ground

Gnana Studio Showroom

Address: Splaiul Unirii 160, Bucharest 040041

Contact: +40729840466

Maoshimouke 卯时某刻

No. 58, Beichensanjiaozhou Aocheng D2, Kaifu District

Chansha, Hunan Province





Kool & Konscious



Elenage Studios


Headquarters: 27 Framingham Dr Tronhill

Toronto, Canada