Amazing ECO and ethical alternatives to the plastic straw

Summer is all about the sun, the ocean, getting that tan, charging batteries and relaxing on the beach.

Lemonades, cocktails and fresh pressed juices are the hit part of the landscape. We all love those drinks that help us stay hydrated, get some energy, antioxidants or just make the day a little funnier. But what do we do when our amazing healthy drink comes with a plastic straw?

How can a little piece of plastic transform our healthy beverage choice into a negative impacting thing for the planet?

Plastic straws are the 11th most common waste found in oceans and on remote beaches, as an early 2018 report from Ocean Conservancy’s TIDES system affirms. Being throw away after only one use, straws travel hundreds of miles of water and end up in areas where no man has put a footprint, areas so remote that we’ll never guess our trash is heading to.

Fishes, birds and other animals will get in contact with our straws, probably eat them and damage their natural system.

So, here are 5 amazing ECO goodies that will help us keep a clean environment while we enjoy our favourite drinks!

1. Natural Bamboo Straw

In our last holiday, we had the chance to manufacture some of those while being in the Indonesian jungle.

Locals use to choose a thin bamboo stick, cut it in smaller pieces, around 30 cm long, clean the inside and polish the ends with a small knife.

You can have your own bamboo straw in few minutes and use it for years. Remember to keep it in a dry environment while you’re not using it, so you can enjoy it for a longer time!

If you don’t have the opportunity to craft your own, this bamboo straws from LifeWithoutPlastic are exactly what you need!


      2. Steel Straw


The Stainlees Steel Straw is amazingly easy to use and clean.

This On-the-Go Straw Kit from EVER.ECO is very chic and comes with a cleaning brush in a nice organic cotton  pouch.

Keep it in your bag all the time and do not worry about anything!


3. Glass Straws

Choose a bent glass straw so you don’t have to tip your glass.

This set from ReStraw is super chic, easy to use and contains a cleaning brush and handmade hemp envelope.

4. Paper Straws

Even is paper straws are often a single-use item and have cellulose as a base, they are a good alternative to the classic plastic straw.

These ones from Aardvark straws are completely compassable and strong enough not to break down in your drink.

5. No straw at all

Many times we don’t even need the straw! If the ice cubes don’t bother you that much, you can drink directly from your glass or try lids that don’t need straws.

For example, Starbucks is testing a new “adult sip cup” for iced coffee. Give it a try!