The Lahaole Rompers – steps to the perfect watercolor print

Taking a look around, it seems as if the urban grey chaos took over the imaginary realm that used to define the human mind. Looking up, all we see are ash-coloured, imposing blocks which are doubled by their reflection on the even more gargantuan office buildings. Looking down, the asphalt leads our way to the lastly mentioned modern crystal palaces. Up front, there are humans too afraid to wear colour. So why should we let this sober state of things define our existence. We claim that the change starts with each and every one of ourselves, just like an instrument playing in an orchestra. Do not remain hidden in the dark, when you can play your powerful instrument.

The instrument we refer to now is colour and we shall introduce it to you through a special product of Gnana Studio: The Lahaole Rompers. The pearly Organic Cotton Gauze became the perfect canvas for a freedom dance of the colours, a dance in which the cobalt blue intertwines with the flamboyant orange. And the forceful purple creates a pirouette around the innocent pink. It is the technique of watercolor print which brought them together, in the name of creativity and uniqueness.

What ties in together the steps of this beautiful dance of colors are, though, the delicate beads. Infused with a juvenile iridescence, they add exactly that unexpected detail which makes everything stand out. These joyful jewels of the rainbow are carefully sewn onto the fabric by hand, leaving the mind to depict its imagination on the natural fabric.


The Lahaole Rompers are our ode to the colors found in nature, but to which, unfortunately, humans do not pay so much attention nowadays. Hence, we tried to pay a small, but hopefully significant tribute to what our eyes should see more of: a bright chromatic. Consider the Lahaole Rompers your paint brush to color in the blank spaces of the world.