Clothes are emotional,

they make you face the world in a certain way.

The line is dedicated to the young and free, yet sophisticated character who likes to wear clothes with a meaning in an easy, cool and personal way.

This summer brings light sensations and free movement through the use of natural materials and unexpected combinations.

Minimalist by the cut and rich by craftsmanship, the collection brings together different macro directions in one final creation.

As usual, traditional influenced hand embroideries enriches the clean cuts. Light ruffles are combined with structured, hard materials, the asymmetrical insertions and transformable pieces complete the contemporary style.

The focus is always about details, craftsmanship and contrasts.

Flight for Free Flowers is light, contemporary and fresh, with a traditional twist, easy to combine and accessorise.


White Cream, Pale Pink, Orange, Grey, Green and Black


Asymmetrical, Variable, Geometric effect


Organic Cotton Gauze, Linen, Organic Cotton Cloth, Cotton Jersey       


Hand Made Full and Cross Stitch Embroidery


Traditional vegetal and floral symbolism in Romanian embroidery

A story about strength, wisdom, renewal and life








Hand made cut out embroidery, also called “a painting with the needle”

is an ancient technique dating from the byzantine era and we simply love to borrow and reinterpret it..